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NinjaZone Miami, FL

NinjaZone is the next big movement in kids’ athletics. Ninjas are channeling their energy through a fusion of obstacle course training, gymnastics, parkour, and character-building.

This program is transforming the way that kids move.

NinjaZone focuses the minds of enthusiastic kids by using movements their bodies inherently crave. Ninjas are trained to spin, roll, flip, kick, and fly through challenges - almost as if they

are starring in a real-life video game. Ninja skills transcend the gym.

The progressive skill system in the NinjaZone program teaches focus, grit, and confidence, leaving kids ready for the next challenge - at Ninja class, or in life.

NinjaZone is Turning Energy into Ambition... One Awesome Kid at a Time.

NinjaZone is a recreational program for children 5-12 year olds. Classes are co-ed.

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Gymnastics, NinjaZone and Zumbini Classes in Miami

$100 4 week session, 1 class per week 4 classes total

Each additional class per week is $50 for 4 weeks

Siblings are $50 extra per child ​for 4 weeks ​​

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